HDFS 3390 -- Research Methods in HDFS
Department of Human Development and Family Sciences, College of Human Sciences, Texas Tech University
Professor Alan Reifman, Ph. D.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have done much of my teaching online using Blackboard. However, the following (slightly dated) lecture notes will remain up for anyone who is interested.

Intro to course (LECTURE NOTES)
Unit of analysis (LECTURE NOTES)
Theories & hypotheses/Deductive & inductive research (LECTURE NOTES)
Conducting a research study (LECTURE NOTES)
Research ethics (LECTURE NOTES)
Intro to measurement (LECTURE NOTES);
Reliability & validity (LECTURE NOTES)
Accuracy of self-report measurement/Response modes (LECTURE NOTES)
Observation (LECTURE NOTES); 
Causal inference/Experimentation (LECTURE NOTES)
Program evaluation (LECTURE NOTES)
Intro to statistics (LECTURE NOTES)