Social-Personality Psychology
Questionnaire Instrument Compendium (QIC)
Maintained by Alan Reifman, Professor
Human Development and Family Studies,
Texas Tech University
(Ph.D., 1989, Social Psychology, University of Michigan)
Last Updated 4/12/18

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Topic-Specific Constructs (*Contains translations into languages other than English)

Achievement (see Duckworth collection below)
cculturation (see Paulhus collection below)
Activism (see Corning and Foster collections below)
Ambition (see Duckworth collection below)
Anxiety (see Social Anxiety)
Attachment (Adult: Nancy Collins [click on "Adult Attachment Scale" when page comes up]; also see Carver collection and Simpson collection below)
Attitudes Toward Self (see Carver collection below)
Attraction (see McCroskey collection below)
Attribution (relationship attributions, see Fincham collection below)

Behavior Identification (see Wegner collection below)
Behavioral Inhibition/Activation (BIS/BAS; see Carver collection below)
Benefit Finding (pertaining to breast cancer; see Carver collection below)
Big Five (see IPIP, Gosling, and John collections below)
Black Identity (Multidimensional Inventory of...; Rob Sellers)
Body-related (Dissatisfaction with Body Parts, see Corning collection below; Drive for Muscularity, see McCreary collection below)

Children, Desire to Have (see Simpson collection below)
Children's impressions of parents' relationship (see Fincham collection below)
Circumplex Scales... (...of Interpersonal Values; ...of Interpersonal Efficacy)
Clinically oriented scales (see Snell collection below)
Close Relationships (see headings for Love, Relationships)
Codependency (Spann-Fischer)
Cognitive Emotion Regulation Questionnaire*
Collective Action (see Foster collection below)
Collective Self-Esteem (see Crocker collection below)
Commitment (Klein et al.; items are "target-free," so researcher can tailor content as needed, e.g., commitment to one's job, spouse, or favorite sports team)
Communication-related scales (see McCroskey collection below; see also Non-Verbal)
Compensatory Beliefs Scale (Health; see Knauper collection below)
Competence (see SDT collection below)
Contingencies of Self-Worth* (see Crocker collection below)
Control (Sense/Locus of...; see Paulhus collection below; Burger collection for "Desirability of Control")
Coping (see COPE in Carver, Scheier collections below; see also Schwarzer collection)
Curiosity and Exploration Inventory (Kashdan, Rose, & Fincham)
"Dark Triad of Personality" (see Paulhus collection below)
Day Reconstruction Method (Kahneman et al.)
Decision-Making (see DMIDI collection below)
Defense Mechanism Manual (Phebe Cramer)
Defensive Pessimism (Julie Norem)
Dieting Self-Efficacy (see Knauper collection below)
Disgust Scale (Jonathan Haidt)
Disillusionment (see Marital Disillusionment Scale below)

Education-related scales (see McCroskey and Schwarzer collections below)
Emerging Adulthood (Inventory of the Dimensions of...; Reifman, Arnett, & Colwell)
Emotion Expressivity and Regulation (see John collection below for Gross & John measures)
Emotional Contagion (see Hatfield collection below)
Ethics-related attitudes (Ethics Position Questionnaire, Don Forsyth)

Fandom (i.e., interest in sports, actors, musicians, etc.; see Reysen collection below)
Forgiveness (see TRIM below; marital, see Fincham collection below)
Free Will and Determinism (see Paulhus collection below)
Future Orientation (Consideration of Future Consequences, Strathman et al.)*

Goal Adjustment (see Scheier collection below)
Gratitude (Mike McCullough; also see Lambert collection below)
Grit (Perseverance; see Duckworth collection below)

Hassles ("everyday" stressful events; see Maybery collection below)


Impostor Phenomenon (see Leary collection below)
Intergroup Relations (various measures by Walter Stephan)

Juror Bias Scale and key (Kassin & Wrightsman)

Leisure/Sports (see Vallerand collection below)
Life Engagement/Purpose (see Scheier collection below)
Life Events (see Maybery collection below)
Linguistic Implications (see Wegner collection below)
Living Spaces (see Gosling collection below)
Love (see Hatfield collection below, as well as headings for Close Relationships, Relationships)
Machiavellianism (see Paulhus collection below)
Marital Disillusionment Scale (Sylvia Niehuis)
Mating/Sexual Behaviors (David Buss)
Meaning in Life (Michael Steger)
Mood (Brief Mood Introspection Scale, Jack Mayer and colleagues; PANAS-X, David Watson and colleagues)
Motivation (see Duckworth, SDT, and Vallerand collections below)
Music Preferences (see Gosling collection below)
Narcissism (Hypersensitive Narcissism, Hendin & Cheek; NPI-16, short measure, Daniel Ames; see Paulhus collection below)
Need to Belong (see Leary collection below)
Need for Closure (Arne Roets; also see Kruglanski collection below)
Need for Cognition
Need to Evaluate
Non-Verbal Communication (see McCroskey collection below)

Optimism/Life Orientation Test (see Carver, Scheier collections below)

Perceived Stress Scale (see Cohen collection below)
Person Perception (likeability, honesty, etc.; see Reysen collection below)
Physical Symptoms (see "CHIPS" in Cohen collection below, and "PILL" in Pennebaker collection)
Planned Behavior (Theory of...; Icek Ajzen)
Police Stress (see McCreary collection below)
Political Attitudes (see NES Guide; tables have item wordings underneath)

  • Scenarios of Discrimination (see Foster collection below)

  • Symbolic Racism, Henry & Sears

  • See also Intergroup Relations; Stereotypes

Procrastination (see Schwarzer collection below, if you get around to it!)
Purpose in Life (see Life Engagement)

Quality of Life in Advanced Cancer Survivors (see Carver collection below)

Racial Identity (see "Black Identity" above)
Rape Myth Acceptance (Acceptance of Modern Myths about Sexual Aggression)*
Rejection Sensitivity (Geraldine Downey; Appearance-Based Rejection Sensitivity, from Lora Park)
Religiosity (faith, prayer; see Lambert collection below)
Risk-Taking (Domain-Specific Scale - Revised)*
Rochester Interaction Record (see Social Interaction)
Romantic Relationship measures (see Snell collection and Simpson collection below, as well as headings for Close Relationships, Love)

Satisfaction with Life Scale (Ed Diener)
Self-Consciousness (see Scheier collection below)
Self-Disclosure (see Snell collection below)

Self-Efficacy (Domain-Specific Measures)

  • Dieting (see Knauper collection below)

  • General, Teacher, Collective, and Health (see Schwarzer collection below)

  • Interpersonal (see Circumplex Scales above)

  • Marriage/Relationship (see Fincham collection below)

  • Substance Use Refraining (see DiClemente collection below)


  • Cognitive Emotion Regulation Questionnaire (above)

  • Angela Duckworth collection below

  • Tory Higgins lab

  • Kruglanski collection below (as part of Regulatory Mode Theory, he has measures of "self-regulatory functions referred to respectively as assessment and locomotion")

  • Schwarzer collection below

  • Self-Determination Theory collection below

Sex Roles (see Snell collection below)
Sexism (see Corning collection below)
Sexuality (see Center for AIDS Prevention Studies and Snell collections below; see also Mating)
Shyness (Revised Cheek and Buss)
Sobriety (helping others; Maria Pagano)
Social Anxiety (see Leary collection below)
Social Comparison (Gibbons & Buunk; Shelley Taylor)
Social Interaction (Rochester Interaction Record*& related instruments; scroll to bottom of page when it opens)
Social Support (see "ISEL" in Cohen collection below; also Schwarzer collection)
Solitude,  Preference for (see Burger collection below)
Sports/Leisure (see Vallerand collection below)
Stages of Change (for studying substance use and other health-related behaviors, Prochaska; see also DiClemente collection below )
Stereotypes (Gender, Diekman & Eagly; see also Prejudice/Discrimination)
Stress (see Life Events, Perceived Stress, Trauma, and other constructs)
Thought Suppression/White Bear (see Wegner collection below)
Time Perspective (Zimbardo)
Transgression-Related Interpersonal Motivations (TRIM; forgiveness)
Transportation into Narrative Worlds (Green & Brock)
Trauma (Brief Betrayal Trauma Survey)


Uplifts (positive life events; see Maybery collection below)
Violence (
Intimate Partner Violence Attitude Scale-R, see Fincham collection below)


Multiple-Instrument Websites
(See above for content areas;
*contains translations into languages other than English.)

Burger, Jerry (scroll down to "Personality Scales" on his faculty page)

Carver, Charles*
Center for Aids Prevention Studies (UCSF) Instrument Collection *

Cohen, Sheldon*

Corning, Alexandra

Crocker, Jennifer *

Decision Making Individual Differences Inventory (DMIDI; scales related to judgment and decision-making)

DiClemente, Carlo

Duckworth, Angela


Fincham, Frank

Foster, Mindi (page not available at present)

GASP Measures Database ("measures designed for lesbian/gay/bisexual issues or populations;" Lisa Diamond)

Gosling, Sam

Hatfield, Elaine

International Personality Item Pool (vast reservoir of items and scoring keys to measure different constructs)

John, Oliver

Knauper, Barbel *

Kruglanski, Arie

Lambert, Nate
Leary, Mark

Maybery, Darryl (Positive and Negative Event Scales)
McCreary, Don

McCroskey, James (Communication Research Measures)

Measurement Instrument Database for the Social Sciences


Paulhus, Delroy (as his page explains, many of his scales are in the public domain, but not all of them)

Pennebaker, Jamie

Reysen, Stephen*

Scheier, Michael

Schwarzer, Ralf *

Self-Determination Theory (SDT) Group

Simpson, Jeff

Snell, William

Vallerand, Robert*
Wegner, Dan


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