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New book projects:


Recent reviews of my work:
"Son sözü ölümle söylemek!," by Emek Erez in Gazete Duvar (20 April 2018) [in Turkish ]         
"Cái chết như lŕ thŕnh tựu triết học lớn nhất của Socrates," by Thanh Huệ, in Zing (13 August, 2017) [in Vietnamese]
          "Đọc sách: Chết cho tư tưởng của Costica Bradatan," by Trần Ngọc Hiếu, in Tia Sáng (5 May, 2017) [in Vietnamese].
"The Wisdom of Death," by Samuel Loncar, in Marginalia Review of Books (27 April, 2017). 
"cosě filosofi da morire," by Luigi Cruciani, in pagina 99 (28 April, 2017) [in Italian]. 
Discussion of Dying for Ideas, by Arturo Stalteri, Radio Rai 3 [Qui comincia/Libro del giorno], 5 April, 2017 [audio; in Italian]
Review of Dying for Ideas, by Gabriela Dragnea Horvath, in Voyages. Journal of Contemporary Humanism, No. 5 (Summer 2016). 
Review of Dying for Ideas, by Anders Drćby, in Existential Analysis, 27:1 (2016), pp. 207-209.
"Dead Philosophers: Joie de Mourir," by Aviezer Tucker, in Aspen Review (March 2016).
"De dood mag je niet verprutsen," by Marijke Laurense, in Trouw (26 March, 2016) [in Dutch] 
"Starven voor een idee," by Dirk De Writer, in Humanistisch-Vrijzinnige Vereniging (2 March, 2016) [in Dutch]
"What lies ahead," by Will Rees, in Times Literary Supplement, No. 5890, 19 February, 2016. 
"Filosoful, moartea si politicianul," by Adrian Mihalache, in Lettre Internationale, No. 95 (Fall 2015) [in Romanian].
Review of Dying for Ideas, by Michael Cholbi, in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, 20 November, 2015. 
"From Socrates to Bin Laden," by Norman Manea, in Los Angeles Review of Books, 1 August, 2015 
"Costica Bradatan: Live by the words, die by the sword," by Damon Young, in The Australian, 15 May, 2015.
Review of Dying for Ideas, by Amy Whitworth, in Times Higher Education, 23 April, 2015.
"The Philosopher as an Apprentice to Death," by Gary Cox, in The Morning Star, 30 March, 2015. 
Recent translations of my work into other languages:

生死之间: 哲学家实践理念的故事, Translation into Chinese by Wanwei Wu (Beijing: CCTP, 2018)

Fikirler için Ölmek. Filozofların Tehlikeli Hayatları, Translation into Turkish by Kübra Oğuz (Istanbul: Can, 2018), 296 pp.

A muri pentru o idee. Despre viaţa plină de primejdii a filozofilor, Translation into Romanian by Vlad Russo (Bucharest: Humanitas, 2018), 304 pp.  

כישלון יקר מפז, in Alaxon (Translated into Hebrew by Dafna Levy)

Morire per le idee. Le vite pericolose dei filosofi, Translation into Italian by Olimpia Ellero (Milan: Carbonio Editore, 2017), 260 pp.  

Chết cho tư tưởng: Đời sống nguy hiểm của những triết gia, Translation into Vietnamese by Trần Ngọc Hiếu (Hanoi: Nha Nam Press, 2017), 424 pp.

          "El filósofo del fracaso: Émile M. Cioran," in Revista Critica, No. 175 (April 2017), (Translation into Spanish by María del Carmen Navarrete)

         "Neden bir şey yapasın? Erteleyiş üzerine düşünmek," in Düşünbil (Translation into Turkish by Elif Doğanay)           

         "Teškoće postojanja: Zašto bi iko išta trebalo da radi?" in b92 (in Serbian)

         "Lob des Scheiterns," in Schweizer Monat, No. 1037 (June 2016) (Translation into German by Gregor Szyndler)

"Thay đổi từ ngoại bięn," in Văn nghệ quân đội, 3 (2016) (Translation into Vietnamese by Trần Ngọc Hiếu).

          (with Richard Marshall) "żPor qué asesinar a los filósofos?" in Critica, No. 168 (Translation into Spanish by María del Carmen Navarrete)

Sterven voor een idee. Filosoferen met gevaar voor eigen leven, Translation into Dutch by Corrie van den Berg and Carola Kloos (Utrecht: Uitgeverij Ten Have, 2016), 320 pp.

Fény a jövőbe: a haldokló test politikai szerepei,” in Performa (2016) (Translation into Hungarian by Nemes László)    


Recent interviews:

"La vera filosofia č vita vissuta" (Interview by Alessandro Zaccuri), in L'Avvenire, 22 April, 2017 [in Italian]


De mens is een ruwe schets” (Interview by Annette van der Elst), in Filosofie Magazine, 24: 4 (April 2016), pp. 59-64 [in Dutch]

"Een dood die waarde geeft aan je leven" [Interview by Marnix Verplancke], in De Morgen, 2 March, 2016 [in Dutch]

"Why murder philosophers?" [Interview by Richard Marshall], in 3AM Magazine, 29 May, 2015. [Also in Spanish]

"What should we preserve? Our capacity to fail." in Forma de Vida (Lisbon, Portugal), 2013 [in English with Portuguese subtitles]

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