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Against Conformity. Reinventing the Lost Art of Cynicism (under contract with Princeton University Press)
In Praise of Failure. A Manifesto for Humility (under contract with Harvard University Press)
Dying for Ideas. The Dangerous Lives of the Philosophers (Bloomsbury, London & New York), ISBN: 978-1472525512 (Hardcover, 2015) & 978-1472529718 (Paperback, 2018)

Translations: Dutch (by Corrie van den Berg and Carola Kloos): Sterven voor een idee: filosoferen met gevaar voor eigen leven (Utrecht: Uitgeverij Ten Have, 2015), 320 pp;  Vietnamese (by Trần Ngọc Hiếu): Chết cho tư tưởng: Đời sống nguy hiểm của những triết gia (Hanoi: Nha Nam, 2017), 424 pp; Italian (by Olimpia Ellero): Morire per le idee. Le vite pericolose dei filosofi (Milan: Carbonio Editore, 2017), 260 pp; Romanian (by Vlad Russo): A muri pentru o idee. Despre viaţa plină de primejdii a filozofilor (Bucharest: Humanitas, 2018), 304 pp; Turkish (by Kübra Oğuz): Fikirler için Ölmek. Filozofların Tehlikeli Hayatları (Istanbul: Can, 2018), 296 pp.; Chinese (by Wanwei Wu): 生死之间:哲学家实践理念的故事 (Beijing: CCTP, 2018), 290 pp; Kurdish (by Nabaz Samad): ژیانی پڕ مەترسی فەیلەسوفان. مردن لەپێناو ئیدێکاندا (forthcoming with Dwarozh, Sulaymaniyah, Iraq); Farsi (by Mahommad Memarian): جاندادن در راه ایدهها: حیات پرمخاطرۀ فیلسوفان (forthcoming with Tarjomaan, Teheran); Polish (forthcoming with Państwowy Instytut Wydawniczy, Warsaw, 2020).

The Other Bishop Berkeley. An Exercise in Reenchantment (Fordham University Press, New York), 2006, xii+227 pp, ISBN: 082-322-693-X

Isaac Bernstein's Diary [creative non-fiction] (Nemira Publishing House, Bucharest), 2001, 186 pp., ISBN 973-569-484-0 [in Romanian].
Robert McElroy, Morality and American Foreign Policy. The Role of Ethics in International Affairs, Paideia Publishing House, Bucharest, 1998, 228 pp. [from English into Romanian].
John H. Hallowell, The Moral Foundation of Democracy, Paideia Publishing House, Bucharest, 1997, 120 pp. [from English into Romanian].

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