Clifford Fedler Ph.D., P.E. F. ASABE, BCEE
Professor, Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering
Office: 203B Civil Engineering Building
Phone: 806-834-3964

Mailing Address:
Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering Dept.

911 Boston
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, Texas - 79409-1023

             Dr. Fedler completed his undergraduate studies at Iowa State University in Agricultural Engineering with a specialty in Structures and Environment.  After receiving his dual MS degrees in Civil Engineering (Environmental) and Agricultural Engineering at Iowa State, he continued his studies at the University of Illinois.  Upon receiving his Ph.D. degree he moved to Texas Tech University.  Dr. Fedler has been involved in various research activities related to water and waste processing and recycling to energy, and mathematical modeling of biological systems. He is a Fellow in ASABE and a Board Certified Environmental Engineer.  

His research has included use of wetlands for waste treatment, on-site surface application systems, fate of pharmaceuticals and primary care products in the environment, single cell protein and algae production for feed and fuels, use of additives for enhanced waste fermentation, watershed level waste application systems, and the production of high-value products from recycled water. Two of Dr. Fedler's publications have received the Top Paper award in the TRANSACTIONS of the ASABE and has received the Technical Paper and Presentation Award from the American Society for Engineering Education.  Dr. Fedler was also named the Engineer of the Year for the Texas Section of ASABE. He was committee chair of over 50 graduate students and served on committees of another 50 plus students. His international travel has included the development of a new academic department at a newly developed university; consultation on new construction and rehabilitation of existing academic infrastructure and research programs; input on the development of distance education courses and programs, and the development of recycling systems for economic development. The countries traveled were China, Peru, Jordan, Panama, Mexico, Turkey, Canada, and Australia. Furthermore, he provided consultation to government and industry leaders on business development based on initiatives resulting from his research activities. He has also served as President of Lubbock Lions Club, the largest Lions Club in North America.