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Current Students

Danielle Olinger (PhD): Thermal metamorphism and metasomatism

Ethan Backus (M.S.): Project to be decided

Stanley Hensley (M.S.): Trace element mobility in the sub-solidus.

Stephen Nguyen (M.S.): Project to be decided

Deborah Drennan (B.S.): Application of Tessier method to heavy-metal extraction from oil and gas shale plays.

Trudy Watkins (B.S.): Thermal conductivity in deformed quartizes.

Alex Gonzales (B.S.): The impact of an acidic pre-hydraulic-fracture flush on the mineralogy and composition of gas shales.

Former Students

MS Students

Anthony Romanoski (M.S. 2012): Timing and rates of peraluminous magma formation and emplacement in the Ruby Mountains, Nevada.

B. Rex McLachlin (M.S. 2011): Petrology of the Chetco Complex, Klamath Mountains, Oregon

  • Working as an Consulting Geologist out of Bozeman, MT.

BS Students

Ryan Berry (B.S.): Trace elements in pyroxene from the Rogue and Chetco Formations, Klamath Mountains.

  • Will attened Graduate School at Texas Tech University

Jordan Dyer (B.S.): Whole-rock compositional analysis of Rogue Volcanics.

Brain Crass (B.S. 2013):Qualitative Uranium Analysis of Mississippian-Age High Gamma Carbonate, Bend Arch Region, Texas

  • Will attened Graduate School at Baylor University

Brandon Nally (B.S. 2012):Paleoclimate Interpretation of the Lower Fountain Formation, Manitou Springs, Colorado, by Clay Mineralogy

Laura Moore (B.S. 2012): Trace element controls on calciate morphology.

  • Working in retail and basedi n the Dallas-Fortworth area.

Avery Arendale (B.S. 2011): Constraining the onset of Cretaceous peraluminous magmatism in the Ruby Mountains, Nevada

  • Enrolled as an MS student at Rice University, Houston.

Wally Dunn (B.S. 2011): Provenance studies in the Permian aged San Angelo Formation, near Bronte, Texas: Implications for a trans-mountain fluvial system linking Africa to Texas.

  • Working for CrownQuest, an independent oil and gas exploration and development company based in Midland, TX.

Brian Horton (B.S. 2011): Quartz preferred orientation and its impact on thermal anisotropy in sandstone and quartzite.

  • Working as an Associate Technical Professional with Halliburton. Brian is based out of Odessa, TX.

Charles Ward (B.S. 2011): Greenstone rocks in the Mimbres Valley, Central New Mexico: Geological significance and archaeological provenance

  • Working as a core analyst with Core Laboratories, and is currently based in Midland, TX.

Kevin Werts (B.S. 2010): Field relationships and zircon constrain relative timing of peraluminous magmatism and metamorphismm in the Ruby Mountains, Nevada.

  • Completed a MS in the Summer of 2012 at the University of Florida, working on a project supervised by Mike Perfit. Kevin is currently teaching Mineralogy at the same University.

Joseph Yoklavich (B.S. 2010): Crystallization and reaction sequences in a NYF pegmatite: a case study from the Hundholmen locality, Norway.

  • Is working as a software engineer and developer in the field of exploration. Joseph is currently based in Denver, CO.


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