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La Littérature de l'Ancien Français

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This page provides access to Old French texts and information about the literature, all of which is classified according to century. Some of the documents are in English, some in Old French and others in Modern French translation. Many of the links listed in this website are individual pages from other websites forming entire collections of French literature. Please be sure to visit these sites, which are listed below.

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The Earliest French Texts (842-1100 A.D)

Texts from the Twelfth Century

Texts from the Thirteenth Century

Texts from the Fourteenth Century

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Literary Collections and Old French Literature Links:

Histoire de la littérature française du Moyen Âge. Very nice site with comprehensive history of medieval literature (in French) and some OF texts. Portuguese site, with navigation tools in Portuguese.

Ménéstrel (médiévistes sur l'internet sources travaux références en ligne). Fantastic collection of links to OF texts.

Gallica Classique: Liste des Auteurs, Moyen Âge. Links to numerous important texts in Old French.

Laboratoire de L'Ancien Français. Very nice resource for Old French texts

L'Encyclopédie médiévale. Excellent collection of OF texts.

Bibliotheca Augustana. Very nice collection of online OF texts.

La Citadelle. In French, online magazine of Medieval life and culture, including some texts in Old French.

The Anglo-norman online hub. This site, dedicated to an historical Old French dialect, has a superb collection of Anglo-Norman texts.

Tennessee Bob's Links to Medieval Heroic Literature, mostly Chanson de Geste and Hagiography.

French Middle Ages. Very rich source of links to medieval French literature and texts.

Gallica Classique has a nice collection of links to OF texts.

The Fabliau. A nice collection of fabliaux in English translation. Part of Harvard University's page on Geoffrey Chaucer.

On-Line Medieval and Classical Library(OMACL). Excellent site at U Cal Berkeley.

La bibliothèque universelle. Has some OF texts.

Liens médiévaux. Medieval Links including online e-text libraries.

La littérature française du Moyen Âge: Présentation et choix de textes. Excerpts from numerous texts in Modern French.

Voice of the Shuttle.  A number of links to OF texts.

A collection of links related to Fabliau

Poésie sur la toile: Anthologie Francophone. Collection of texts by authors from across the centuries.

 Le Théâtre Médiéval. Collection of medieval French plays.

 Textes et musiques du Moyen-Âge. Nice collection of links to old French texts and accompanying midi music files.