Control Science and Engineering Laboratory (CSEL)

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Texas Tech University


Welcome to CSEL at Texas Tech! The CSEL is a control science oriented, multidisciplinary lab created and led by Dr. Hui. The CSEL conducts several research areas in the fields of network sciences, dynamical systems, optimization and control theory, as well as control application engineering. Our goal is to foster the interplay and explore multidisciplinary research among dynamical systems, high performance computing, optimization and control theory, and numerical methods. The current research interests of CSEL include network robustness and vulnerability analysis, consensus, synchronization and control of network systems, network optimization, network interdependency and cascading failures, network threat detection, swarm optimization, hybrid systems, biomedical systems, software and hardware acceleration based control design, and high performance scientific computing.

New! PhD Positions: Multiple PhD positions are available in Dr. Hui's group at TTU in Spring 2015. We are seeking highly motivated students who have a strong mathematical background and some programming experience. Perspective students are expected to work on the development of extremely rapid control strategies for mitigation of cascading failures on multi-layer and multi-dependent dynamic networks. The particular emphasis of this research will be given to power networks. Those who are interested in these positions can contact Dr. Hui for details and should apply at the TTU Gradudate School website.