Research Interests

I generally work in the fields of environmental and resource economics and the application of discrete choice methods.  Areas of interest include the water-energy nexus, valuing environmental attributes, and understanding how consumers respond to eco-labeling.  More details about specific research areas are provided below.


Water Economics

Ogallala Aquifer Program (OAP)

Stated Preference Valuation of the Southern Ogallala Aquifer
Cap and Trade Water Markets for the Southern Ogallala Aquifer

Water-Energy-Food Nexus

Brackish Produced Water for Agricultural Production


Energy Economics

Residential Electricity Demand

Price Volatility and Household Preference for Green Energy - LINK TO PAPER
Information Nudges and Household "Green" Electricity Plan Uptake  - LINK TO PAPER

Wind Energy


Experimental Economics

Valuing the Environment

Consumer Preference for Environmental Attributes

Glass Bottled Milk Packaging