Apparel Design & Manufacturing Classes

   by Su-Jeong Hwang Shin, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Apparel Design & Manufacturing (ADM) Program at Texas Tech University


About Faculty

ADM 4307 Manufacturing

ADM 2302 Illustration

ADM 3305 CAD

ADM 1301 Intro

ENVD5380 Ergonomics














Teaching Courses

Undergraduate Courses Taught:           

ADM 1301 Introduction to Apparel Design

ADM 2302 Fashion Illustration

ADM 3305 Computer Applications in Apparel Design

ADM 4307 Apparel Manufacturing

Undergraduate Course Developed:

             ADM4350 Apparel Portfolio Development

Graduate Course Taught:

  ENVD 5380 Human Factors Ergonomics in Environmental Design

  ENVD 5311 Research (for doctoral student)

  ENVD 6000 Master Thesis Preparation

  ENVD 7000 Research (for post doctoral student/visiting scholar)

 Graduate Course Developed:

            ENVD 5380 Human Factors Ergonomics in Environmental Design (NEW)

ENVD 6378 Research Methods II


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