Storing your Page
Basic HTML
Essential Tags
Text Characteristics
Text Appearance
Color Settings
Creating Lists
Creating Tables
HTML Assignment

Now that you have completed this HTML tutorial, you will now hand-code a Web site. The details of this assignment are listed below.

Submission Method:

You must post your Web site to the Internet and email me the URL. If you have free Web space through your school, your employer, or your email or Internet Service Provider, that is acceptable. Otherwise, you will need to obtain free Web space by opening an account with Geocities (Yahoo) or other free Web space provider.

Web Site:

You will create a Web site with at least three pages that include all of the formatting within these tutorials. While not every page must use every formatting option, within your three pages, your site must use at leasts two different font styles, sizes, colors, and characteristics (bold, italic, underline). You also must have at least one list and one table within your site.

Web Site Topic:

You are free to base your Web site on virtually any topic. However, there are certain topics to avoid, such as anything potentially offensive or controversial. Therefore, you will need to email me your intended topic before you begin working on your site.

Feel free to email me with any questions you have on this assignment.



Additional Resources:
Feel free to search additional resources on the Web. The following Web sites are excellent resources for HTML and other Web design tools, tricks, and tutorials.


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