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Welcome to visit Dr. Yang's research group within the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Texas Tech University.

May 2022


The purposes of the Human-Centric Design Research Lab are

(1) to advance the understanding of human movement capabilities by means of modeling, simulation and experimentation, and develop computer software package that facilitates human-centric design, biomechanics analysis, ergonomics assessment, injury prediction, traffic safety system including digital human visibility prediction and human performance assessment.
(2) to model and simulate the interaction between the human and personal protective equipment (helmets, goggles, and respirators, clothing, shoes, etc.) for hazard and discomfort assessments.
(3) to investigate the interaction between the exoskeleton and human body to reduce injury risk and improve performance.
(4) to advance computer-aided design and simulation of mechanical systems.

(5) to promote human lives by developing novel medical devices such as hand/foot prosthesis, and other devices.
(6) to promote optimal spine surgeries by developing finite element models.

(7) to prevent falls for patients/the elderly in hospitals.

(8) to develop new simulation models for vehicle dynamics and autonomous vehicles.




Our research has been funded by multiple sponsors including the US Army, DOE, DOD (DHA, USARIEM, USAMRDC), NSF, NIST, NPSF, NIOSH, Honda R&D North Americas, Caterpillar, and USCAR.

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Lab Director:                                                   
Prof. James Yang                                                                                 
Office: ME South 201K                                                         
Phone: 806-834-6746                                 
Fax: 806-742-3540                                                   

Lab Location:
ME North Room 142
Tel: 806-742-3579



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